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In 1984, Paul Willems founded a company to repair leather seats. Most frequent problems he had to face could be categorized under the heading “worn-out finishing coating” or “faded colors”.
After an experimental phase, he found out that none of the existing leather paints or color techniques could guarantee any quality or sustainability of the result.

In the time that he was exploring the market for suitable products, he met Jaak Luyten who was an ex-employee of fa. Bayer. Jaak Luyten is very familiar with the leather industry and is specialized in finishing leather on an industrial level. He developed a product to maintain leather that considerably improved the wear-resistance of leather. Up until today, no-one has been able to match up to this product.

This development resulted in a technical cooperation between Jaak Luyten and Paul Willems.
From that moment on, development of sound renovation paint was accelerated and soon a complete range of products was available.

In 1987, they started to sell the products to companies interested in leather renovation which turned out to be very successful thanks to the exceptional quality of their products and their professional technical support.
In 1991 they decided to start a separate company to extend the renovation concept.
PW Products BVBA was born.

After 10 years of fruitful cooperation, Jaak Luyten decided to enjoy his old days and to retire.
He was 75 then. PW Products BVBA was renamed Paul Willems BVBA in 2001.
The brand PW Products was remained because of its excellent reputation.

We never stopped improving our products. At this moment, PW Products are still the most reliable products for professional leather renovation.

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